Extracted from The Art of German Cooking and Baking by Mrs. Lina Meier.
1. [+]
   Recipe: Cold Punch
     2 bottles of white wine
     Juice of 3 lemons
     0.5 bottle of arrack
     1 lb. of sugar
     1 thin lemon rind
     The ingredients are mixed well,
     put into a punch bowl and covered to stand
     several hours.
2. [+]
   Recipe: Hot Punch
     1 bottle of fine rum
     Juice of 2 lemons
     1 bottle of white wine
     Rind of 1 lemon
     1.5 lbs. sugar
     2.5 qts. of boiling water
     The punch bowl is put into hot
     water. Pour into it 1 pt. of boiling water,
     sugar and lemon rind and let stand for a while,
     then add white wine, rum, lemon juice and 2 qts.
     of hot water, stir with a wooden ladle and serve hot.

3. [+]
   Recipe: Hot King's Punch
     1 bottle of white wine
     0.5 lemon peel
     1 pt. fine rum
     0.75 lb. of sugar
     Juice of 1 lemon
     1 qt. of water

     Mix the ingredients, boil and serve hot.

4. President's Punch
   1 bottle of fine white wine
   0.5 lb. of sugar
   1 wineglassfull of fine rum
   1/8 lb. of preserved pineapple
   3 pts. of water
   1 cup of pineapple juice

   Preparation: Sugar and water are boiled 15 minutes,
   then wine, rum, pineapple juice and preserved
   pineapple added. This punch is served hot or
   put on ice and served cold.

5. Egg Punch
   1 bottle of white wine
   0.5 lemon rind
   0.75 pt. of arrack
   Juice of 1.5 lemon
   1.25 cups of sugar
   7 eggs

   Preparation: Mix white wine, sugar, lemon juice and
   rind, add the well beaten eggs and bring to a boil,
   beating constantly, then take from the stove and
   mix in the arrack. Serve at once.

6. Warm Burgundy Punch
   1/2 bottle of Burgundy wine
   2 oranges
   1/2 bottle of good white wine
   1/2 bottle German champagne
   1/2 bottle of arrack
   1/4 lb. of sugar
   1/2 pt. pineapple juice
   1/4 pt. of water

   Preparation: Sugar, water, Burgundy wine, white wine,
   arrack and pineapple juice are mixed well and heated
   but not boiled. The orange is sliced with the peel
   and put into the bowl, then the hot fluid is poured
   in and the champagne added at the table.

7. Hot Wine
   1 bottle of red wine
   10 cloves
   1/4 lb. of sugar
   1 stick of cinnamon
   1/2 lemon rind

   Preparation: The ingredients are mixed well and brought
   to the boiling point, but not boiled, strained and
   served hot.

8. Grog
   1/2 pt. of rum
   Liberal 1/2 lb. of sugar
   3/4 qt. of boiling water

   Preparation: Mix the ingredients and serve at once.

9. Bishop
   1 tbsp. of Bishop essence, or the thin peel of a small orange
   1 bottle of red wine
   1/4 lb. of sugar
   1/2 cup of water

   Preparation: The sugar is dissolved in the red wine and
   the Bishop essence mixed in or the orange peel is soaked in
   water for 1/2 hour and mixed with the wine.

10. Cardinal (Cold)
    2 bottles of good white wine
    1 bottle of champagne
    Juice of 2 oranges
    1 lb. of sugar
    1/2 lb. of fresh pineapple
    1/8 orange peel

    Preparation: The pineapple is cut into small pieces, put
    into a bowl, the piece of orange peel and juice, with
    the sugar added and left to stand 15 minutes, then the
    white wine is poured on. Put the beverage on ice and when
    serving, add the champagne.

11. Cream Punch
    5 eggs
    1.5 qts. of whipped cream
    1/2 lb. of sugar
    3/4 pt. of arrack

    Preparation: Yolks of eggs and sugar are beaten to a froth,
    the arrack mixed in, the beaten whites of eggs added and
    lastly whipped cream. Serve this punch in glasses or

12. Pineapple Punch
    1 large, fresh pineapple
    2 bottles of white wine
    1/2 lb. of sugar
    3/4 bottle of champagne

    Preparation: The pineapple is peeled and sliced very thin.
    The sugar is added, 1/2 bottle of the wine poured over and
    let stand serveral hours, then add the rest of the wine
    and when serving, pour in the champagne.

    Remarks: Instead of the champagne you may put in a small
    bottle of Seltzer-water.

13. Strawberry Punch
    2 qts. of fresh strawberries
    2 bottles of white wine
    Scant 1/2 lb. of sugar

    The preparation is the same as No. 12, Pineapple Punch.
    If you like you may add 1/2 bottle of champagne.

14. Raspberry Wine
    Raspberries and sugar
    Light white wine

    Preparation: The berries are crushed and strained through
    a cloth. With 1 qt. of raspberry juice, use 2 lbs. of sugar
    and 2 qts. of white wine and let it come to a boil. Cool
    it and fill into bottles that are well corked and kept
    in a cool place.

15. Peach Punch
    3 lbs. of peaches
    2 bottles of white wine
    1/2 lb. of sugar
    1 bottle of red wine

    Preparation: The peaches are peeled and sliced, put into
    a bowl with sugar, 1/4 bottle of white wine and let
    stand 3 to 4 hours. Then pour the rest of the white
    wine and red wine and serve very cold.

16. May Bowl or Woodruff Punch
    2 bottles of white wine
    About 1/20 lb. of woodruff
    1/4 lb. of sugar

    Preparation: One-half bottle of white wine is poured on
    the woodruff. Cover the bowl and let stand several hours.
    Then add the rest of the wine and sugar. Place the bowl
    on ice.

    Remarks: This May bowl may be improved by mixing a bottle
    of champagne and 1 cupful of strawberries with it
    when serving.

17. Currant Wine
    10 qts. of currant juice
    15 lbs. of sugar
    20 qts. of water
    1 qt. corn brandy

    Preparation: Red and white currants are mashed and strained
    through a cloth. To 10 qts. of juice, add 15 lbs. of sugar
    and 20 qts. of water. Put it into a clean cask, and leave
    it to ferment for 3 weeks. After that time empty the cask,
    clean it well, then pour back the wine and leave it two
    weeks longer, then add the brandy. Now close up the cask
    tightly and place it so that it need not be moved when
    the wine is drawn off. Bottle the wine after six months,
    without moving the cask.

18. Warmbeer
    1 qt. beer
    1/2 pt. of milk
    Sugar to taste
    3 yolks of eggs
    A piece of butter the size of an egg
    1 piece of cinnamon

    Preparation: Beer, sugar and butter are brought to boil;
    then milk and yolks of eggs are mixed well and added;
    season with cinnamon, let all come to a boil and serve hot.

19. Cold Lemonade
    1 qt. of cold water
    Juice of 1 lemon
    3/4 cup of sugar

    Preparation: Dissolve the sugar in the water, add the
    lemon juice, mix well and serve very cold.

20. Fine Lemonade
    1 qt. of cold water
    Juice of 1 orange
    2 bannanas
    Juice of 1/2 lemon

    Preparation: Dissolve the sugar in the water, mix in the
    lemon and orange juice and pour the whole over the
    sliced bananas.

21. Almond Milk
    1/2 lb. sweet almonds
    Scant 1/2 lb. of sugar
    1.25 qts. of water
    4 tbsps. of rose water

    Preparation: The almonds are blanched and ground, then
    put into a porcelain dish. Add the water and sugar and let
    stand 20 minutes, then strain through a cloth and add
    the rose water.

22. Chocolate (Quantity for 6 Persons)
    1/2 lb. of chocolate
    Sugar to taste
    1/2 cup of water
    1.5 qts. of milk

    Preparation: The chocolate is broken into pieces and
    dissolved in the water on the stove, the milk is added
    and brought to boil. Mix in sugar to suit your taste.

    Remarks: You may stir in 2 yolks of eggs. Plain chocolate
    is made by using more water and mixing 1 tablespoonful of
    flour with water and adding this to the chocolate
    while cooking.

23. Ice Chocolate
    Ingredients and preparation are the same as given under
    No. 22, Chocolate. When cooled off, strain through a sieve,
    add 1 teaspoonfull of vanilla, place into ice and salt
    for 3 hours and serve in tumblers or sherbet cups
    with whipped cream on top.

24. Cocoa (Quantity for 6 Persons)
    4 tbsps. of cocoa
    1/2 tsp. of vanilla
    1.5 qts. of milk
    Sugar to taste
    2 yolks of eggs

    Preparation: The cocoa is stirred smooth with milk,
    add the sugar, let it get hot, stirring constantly.
    Add the rest of the milk, cook 1 minute and add the
    vanilla. Mix the yolks of eggs well with one tablespoonful
    of milk and stir into the cocoa.

    Remarks: You may omit the yolks of eggs and instead stir
    a tablespoonful of flour, mixed with water, into the
    boiling cocoa.

25. Tea (Enough for 12 cups)
    8 even tsps. of tea
    2 qts. of water

    Preparation: The tea is put into a well covered pot.
    Pour on 1 pt. of boiling water, cover and let it steep 3
    minutes, then pour on the rest of the water and set
    to draw again 5 minutes before serving.

26. Tea with Vanilla
    Ingredients and preparation are the same as given under
    No. 25, Tea. But add to this 1/2 teaspoonful of vanilla.

    Remarks: You may add a small piece of lemon peel when
    pouring on the water.
    Dried tea leaves may be used for sweeping carpets.
    Moisten the leaves and sprinkle them on the carpet. This
    will clean the carpet and absorb the dust when sweeping.

27. Iced Tea
    The ingredients and preparation are the same as given
    under No. 25, Tea. After the tea has steeped long enough,
    pour it off, cool it and put in pieces of clean ice,
    sugar and into each glass 1 to 2 slices of lemon.

28. [+]
    Recipe: Coffee (Enough for 12 cups)
      6 tbsps. of ground coffee
      14 cups of boiling water
      It is best to grind the coffee fresh and
      fine every time you wish to make some. The water must
      boil when you pour it on. Close the pot well.
    Remarks: There are various ways of making coffee. A.
      An egg may be stirred into the ground coffee before
      pouring on the hot water. B. It may be made in a
      machine in which the water boils and little water
      gets onto the coffee at a time. This is the best
      way. C. Pour the hot water on the coffee, simmer 5 minutes
      and strain. This is the quickest way of making coffee.

29. [+]
    Recipe: Gooseberry or Currant Wine
      For a 6 gallon cask use 18 lbs. of sugar
      3-4 gallons of juice
      Water to fill the cask
      Clean and pick over the berries, wash them and press out
      the juice well. The cask must be very clean and odorless.
      Scald it several times and then dry it in the fresh
      air, put in the sugar and enough water to dissolve it
      while shaking the cask. When the sugar is dissolved,
      add the strained juice. Place the cask into a place
      like the garret where it is warm. It will soon ferment,
      then remove the foam from the bunghole. Every morning,
      stir the wine with a clean wooden stick and fill in
      fresh water so the cask remains full. After about 6
      weeks the fermenting will cease, then close the bunghole
      with a cork, leave it in the cask for another 3 to 4
      months and then put the wine into bottles. Cork and
      seal them well and set them upright in the cellar, where
      it is dark and cold.